Zoho CRM Dashboard for Managers

Introducing a new Home Page View and UI Enhancements CRM Dashboard for Managers

CRM Dashboard is vital to the decision-making processes of businesses. It affects the marketing strategies which is based on the CRM reports. As a sales manager you’re most likely want to focus on more urgent and it’s difficult to find out what to prioritize if your CRM Dashboard are competing space on reports. 

In Zoho CRM Manager’s Dashboard, the home pages provide a quick view of the various happenings in a business with the help of dashboards. The home pages also help to organize one’s and the team’s day’s work.
There are three views in the home tab:

  • Classic
  • User’s
  • Custom (a view created by the admins)

In addition to the above views, we are now introducing an exclusive home page for the managers to help track, analyze sales data, and manage their team’s work in a better way. This view is called the “Manager’s Home”.

This home page will contain all important business metrics such as leads created this month, deals and the revenue generated from them, anomaly in a current trend and more required to manage daily activities.

This metrics will be displayed as dashboards in the Manager’s home page:

CRM Manager's Home Page

Who can access the CRM Dashboard for Managers?

CRM users from all roles can view the Manager’s home page, except those which do not have any sub-roles.

How to access the Manager's Dashboard home page

The Manager’s CRM Dashboard home page can be accessed from the home tab under the Classic View dropdown. It a system defined home page that cannot be deleted.

crm page access

Can I customize the Manager's CRM Dashboard home page components?

Yes, this home page an be customized by adding or deleting the dashboard components as per requirement.

Visual enhancements in Manager's CRM Dashboard

Some enhancements will be made to dashboards across CRM. The details are as below:

1. Background grid size of dashboards and space between the grids is modified for better visual appeal.

Grid size Dashboards

2. KPI components can now be resized. Earlier it was available only in double grid form. By default the component will appear in a single grid size. A user can modify it to a double grid.

Note: For the existing KPI components the double grid size will be retained if needed users can resize to single grid.

KPI components

3. Illustrations will be displayed in addition to the “No data available” for dashboards that do not have any data.

Dashboards No data available

4. Number of components that can be added to a single dashboard is increased from 10 to 20.

UI Enhancement for custom view components added in user's home page

For the Custom View components added to user’s home page, the number of rows in which data gets displayed per screen is increased from 5 to 10.

If you need help in customizing your Manager’s CRM Dashboard now or in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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