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Extension creation & Adding components

How to build effective and efficient extension

Extensions are pre-built software components that can add a set of custom features to Zoho CRM. It integrate Zoho CRM with a third-party service. Zoho CRM’s flexible approach to business management. Means can support a wide range of industry-specific requirements, but no two businesses are exactly alike.

For some, extensions can deliver robust functionality without requiring complicated manual customizations. Example, not every business will need built-in sms functionality. But some sales models require SMS to identify, cultivate, and maintain new customers. Depending on need, users can pick and choose which functionality they want. They can simply download an extension instead of creating a new, built-in feature.

The first step in building an effective and efficient extension is identifying the individual components required to make it work. Once you’ve identified this, then the rest is simply adding and configuring these components.

In addition, once you’ve setup a blank extension, the next step is to start adding components to it. Components are the building blocks of your extension, allowing you to develop a broad range of tools to augment your CRM. The Zoho Developer Console equips you with multiple components that aid in this process. Click hear to learn more.


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