7 Capabilities that a Successful Business needs

Successful business capabilitiesSuccessful businesses know how to effectively market their service offering, how to engage potential customers, and how to manage their existing customers and clients.

Zoho CRM Functionalities has many aspects of customer relationship management that managed efficiently to achieve sustainable success.

These elements can range from connecting with your target audience via social media to analyzing sales performance. Businesses that are more successful than others, invariably have a superior CRM system that takes care of all these aspects.

Small and medium businesses (SMB) often find it challenging to engage potential clients and manage their existing customer base. Zoho CRM helps entrepreneurs and small businesses overcome this challenge. It offers numerous customer management functionalities that help boost your bottom line.

Here are some Zoho CRM Functionalities to have a successful business

Armed with these capabilities, you can build a stronger, lasting and more profitable relationship with your customers. Read on to find out about seven functionalities that make Zoho the ideal CRM application for your business.

1. Online Marketing Automation

With online marketing automation, Zoho simplifies the otherwise difficult to develop and manage marketing. The marketing automation lets you market your products and services with unrivaled accuracy and results. You can:

  • Plan and execute marketing campaigns
  • Improve email marketing
  • Measure marketing performance


2. Workflow Automation

Zoho’s workflow automation makes it easier for you to streamline sales, marketing and support processes. You can create personalized sales follow-ups for maximum efficiency and conversion. Whether it is by automatically assigning leads or eliminating redundant steps for updating records, Zoho drives your growth while reducing operating costs.

3. Superior CRM Customization

Your business is unique, so should be your CRM. Zoho offers excellent customization, letting you achieve sustainable success quickly. The time for cookie cutter CRM applications is over. You need the first-rate customization that Zoho offers. You can use intuitive customization tools to best suit your unique business needs.

4. Advanced Analytic

Zoho’s analytics are powered by Zoho Reports, which helps you make sense of your CRM data. With the advanced yet user-friendly analytics you can assess your sales team performance, track your key performance indicators, understand your win/loss rates, predict sales patterns and much more with much less time and energy.

5. Website Integration

Using web forms to capture leads from landing pages, collecting visitor feedback and inviting potential customers can be a pickle. Zoho simplifies the process with its simple drag & drop web form builder.

6. Zoho Social

A truly social CRM, Zoho lets you serve your social customers in a much better way. You can listen to customer conversations and engage them. Zoho brings together Facebook and Twitter profiles under one hood.  Connecting with prospects and building better customer relationships was never this easy, or fun.

7. Territory Management

Kind of self explanatory…but let’s just elaborate just a bit shall we? Here are a few powerful things that Zoho’s territory management lets you do:

  • Create territories based on customer or market  traits
  • Segment and organize your customers
  • Easily create and track sales targets
  • Get invaluable insights into sales, territory-wise


Each one of the above is a powerful functionality in its own. If you were wondering what a CRM can do for your business, you now have a pretty good idea of how Zoho can drive your sales and growth.

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