Zoho de-duplicate

Find & Fix Duplicate Records in Zoho CRM

Go Biz IT can help you finds and cleans duplicate records from the CRM.
We are using a tool called “de-duplicate” that highlight clusters of similar records within your CRM data:


  • Full Names
  • All Address Fields
  • Mobile Email


  • Account Names
  • All Address Fields
  • Phone
  • Website URL
Zoho CRM Extension - De Dupe

Here’s an example of how DeDupe has found similar names. As you can see these duplicates are difficult to detect by commonly used approaches.

Zoho CRM Extension - Samples of Duplicate Full names

These results are shown instantly irrespective of the CRM size. Duplicates are found across other fields like organization names, emails, mobile numbers and URLs.

Zoho CRM Extension - Examples of Field Combinations

The power of such similar sets finds many applications when they are combined. Like in the examples here, after finding duplicate clusters you can choose to merge them into a single version of truth.

Zoho CRM Extension - Samples of Field of Combination

DeDupe extension for Zoho CRM is by Contactous, a Singapore-based company focused on deduplication and entity resolution of contact records. The AI-based algorithms behind d-dupe have been tested on millions of records.

You can try the full functionality of DeDupe risk-free from the Zoho marketplace at no cost.