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Increase Your Sales with Messaging Applications

Consumers already exchange millions of messages with businesses every day.

Is your sales team ready for the revolution? amoCRM adds a suite of messaging apps to your arsenal, equipping your reps to respond quickly to prospects and drive more sales.

The best part? Now you can write to prospects in the messaging app of your choice, from the convenience of the prospect card.


No more confusion. No more “wait while I look for that.” Get prospects by messaging, respond to them effectively, and do so with all prospect information in front of you.

Go Biz IT- Official amoCRM partner

Go Biz IT is Official amoCRM partner specializing in integrating customized business solutions.

We implement innovative sales tools for your business operating in New Zealand, Australia & Gloabaly. 

GoBizIT amoCRM Certificate

AmoCRM is available wherever you have a web browser or mobile device, with an internet connection, without the need for installations or maintenance and updates. AmoCRM does all of that for you. it has everything for your sales to improve significantly.

If you require AmoCRM consulting, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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