Enhance your Zoho CRM experience with Zoho DataPrep

We’re thrilled to announce the Zoho CRM Business app connector for DataPrep. With this new integration, you can now clean and prepare your customer record data from within one interface – all in real time!

You may also use it as a backup system by replicating (and restoring) any changes made on-the-go through their business dashboard or via other methods like Salesforce lightning campaigns which sync automatically with our servers after an update has been pushed out into production environment without disrupting workflow at clients end point

Data Migration

Zoho DataPrep can also be used to migrate your company’s data from other CRM solutions.

Zoho Prep Data Migration

Other CRM platforms → Zoho DataPrep → Zoho CRM

You can use Zoho DataPrep to migrate data from other CRM systems, prepare it and push into a single system that will let you track all of your contacts.

  1. With Zoho DataPrep, you can connect to your sales data and load it with information from other CRM solutions. This way all transactions are in one place for easy analysis!
  2. Get ready to clean, prepare and model your CRM data so that it can be transformed into a more useful format.
  3. You can export all your prepared data and push them back to an existing Zoho CRM module, or you could create a new one if desired.

If you want to integrate your prepared data with Zoho CRM, then export it as files and import them into one of two modules available on their software. You can also change out which module does the importing while still keeping everything else intact!

Data backup and replication

Data replication and backup are important to have for CRM data, as they allow the team members access to information that is not available on their own. Replication helps with quick turnaround times in organizations where there’s an office location or server close by so you can get back working sooner!

DataPrep’s Zoho CRM connector provides a way for you to backup and replicate your data, ensuring that it is always available when needed.

For example: successfully backing up before an import operation or mass update; scheduling one time can help avoid all those worries about losing important information like contacts!

Zoho CRM Data Back Up and Replication

Zoho CRM → Data destinations

  1. Find your most valuable data with Zoho DataPrep and use it in the best way possible! Connect to modules like lead generation, sales prospecting or customer service using a CRM connector.
  2. You can choose to backup your CRM data starting from last month or import it in batches. You may also use the custom option and select a date range for importing instead of just one day like before!
  3. With Zoho DataPrep, you can easily export your prepared data to 30+ destinations including BI and Analytics platforms.
  4. Data is power, and when you have an organization that operates with data-driven strategies from the start of their business processes to customer engagement throughout all stages in a customer’s lifecycle? They’re going places!

DataPrep helps you ensure that all replicas are updated consistently and maintain data lineage. You can create rule set templates to auto-clean, prepare or transform your CRM data before storage by using replicate from a variety of sources at different times which may result in inconsistent datasets across various programs installed on one device.

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