How Do You Run Your Business Remotely?


In the current circumstances it’s time to think, how would you manage business remotely and run your daily work? How would you make sure the business is running properly even when you’re not in the office? Sounds impossible – right?

Technological development in recent years, allows managers to save time and manage your business remotely. Using your cell phone allows you to continue to manage your employees and complete your regular tasks even without being in the office. Zoho One makes sure everything goes well in your company, even when you’re away.

Here are some benefits of Zoho App to manage business remotely:

Manage your tasks and your employees remotely.

Zoho Apps - Manage business remotely

In the Zoho app, you can contact your Leads Contacts and Account from anywhere and manage your regular tasks. You can update the job status and keep track of tasks that are still open.

You can also view the views you have created in the system, such as the open task view of a particular employee, and also monitor remotely to make sure the tasks assigned to that employee are completed on time.

This tracking helps you understand whether some of the tasks need to be assigned to another employee or yourself to complete on-time tasks that have not yet been performed.

Contact customers from anywhere.

Being away from your office does not mean that do not know the contact information of your leads or clients. With the Zoho CRM you have access to your customer information, where you can see all the interactions you had with them.

Also, you can view and add notes to the customer record, or record remotely the contents of a call you just had with them. Zoho CRM will keep all email notifications that either you or your colleagues and exchange. This way you can work without limits when out of the office.

Watch business sales any time you want.

You must control the sales of your business even when you are away. By viewing Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics reports and dashboard from your mobile phone.

Data like  the company’s pipeline, sales team performance or your daily tasks will visually and conveniently present you so you can easily analyze and compare the number of sales and notice easily and quickly the changes that have occurred.

You can create various custom graphs such as percent graph, table graph, bar graph and more, which will show you business sales data in a way that is convenient for you. This allows you to conclude the expected revenue of a particular product, the percentage of goals achieved so far, and more.

In conclusion, do not consider the time while you are out of the office as a waste. During that time, by using Zoho applications you can prioritize and schedule your and your team’s tasks. Check that employee tasks are being performed properly and are available for troubleshooting remotely as well.

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