Marketing Automation in Zoho CRM

What does marketing automation tool in Zoho CRM bring to your business?

Have you already tried many marketing automation tool and email platforms for your large or small digital team? Maybe you struggle to figure out which activities are driving revenue. And you are frustrated on how you would know that email or social was generating leads?

Zoho CRM - Marketing Automation Tool

Here are some tips how to use marketing automation tool inside your Zoho CRM that will help you put your time on the majors and not on the minors:

1. Scoring rules

There are lots of users who think that the scoring rules are a great fit only for big companies that are getting hundreds of leads every day, that is partially true. I think the scoring rules are a great fit for every person that respects his time.

Scoring rules help use your spare time for other activities, rather than wasting your time on leads that you know in advance that their conversion rates are very small.

To give you an example, assume that Bill just contacted you as a new lead. Bill came to you with a lead source that is an advertisement.

For example, the advertising on Google AdWords, there are only about 1% conversions on those leads. On the other hand, when you get referrals, you can get maybe 50% conversion because those people already gained some trust, and they do know what you can offer because you are helping their friends.

Clearly, in that case, what you will do is whenever someone comes with a lead source that is a referral, you want to give it some priority. That is the idea where the scoring rules play.

How it works in Zoho CRM

When you go into Zoho CRM, you can set up the scoring rules. Go to the leads module and then click on lead fields. When you get a new lead, and the lead source is a friend or referral, you give like 10 points. So, that is rule number one.

Secondly, when sending an email to clients and they responded, give them five points. If they click on the email, which means there is some intention, you can give him two points.

When it is bouncing, you can subtract to 10 points, and when he is opening your email, give it one point.

The more engagement you will have with the Leads, the score will go up. Based on this score, you will know which leads are going to get your attention.

2. Lead assignment roles

The Leads from a website can automatically assign to specific salespeople. Apart from this, you can assign someone in the team depending on their geographic location, lead amount, number of employees in the company, etc.

An example is the annual revenue of the company that is more than half a million, a particular salesperson can be assigned the leads directly.

Another example is the geographic location, if there are leads coming from other territories, you can assign them directly to a specific salesperson. Another option is that whenever a lead is assigned, you can create the task for the user.

In short, you can create the assignment rules based on any criteria that you want.

3. Email Automation

Most of the telemarketers are sending email templates just because they’re supposed to send them and not because they are looking for a result.

An example is sending a Happy Birthday email to clients. It can be automated using the Workflow Rules. You can send a Happy Birthday email by scheduling at a particular time you want.

Additionally, making your email more personalized will trigger an emotional response to their brain. People will respond to you and will say thank you because they will think that you just sent it to them manually because you remembered them.

The function of a marketing automation tool is to streamline and automate activities performed by the sales and marketing team. It will reduce the amount of time when sending or launching on every one of your emails, messages, and ads manually.

On the other hand, if you are already using different marketing tools, it can easily integrate Zoho CRM with the third-party applications you are using. Zoho CRM can power your marketing automation efforts. And if you do not have an account yet, try now to register for a free trial.

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