Roles in Zoho CRM

Roles in Zoho CRM helps you define the hierarchy in an organization. It allows you to permit and restrict data access for the users in your CRM account.

To put it simply: Roles define WHO you are in the organization and profiles define WHAT you can do in Zoho CRM.

Consider Zylker Inc – an organization which is in to B2B sales, John is the CEO of the organization, Susan and Olivia are sales managers. Bob, David and George are sales representatives there. This is the short hierarchy chain of Zylker.

Roles in Zoho CRM
Role-base hierarchy in Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM offers two types of hierarchy preference for an organization, role-based hierarchy and reporting hierarchy. Let’s see how Zylker exploits them. In a role-based Hierarchy, John is the CEO will have access to all of the data owned by users below in the role hierarchy. The sales managers will have access to the data owned by the sales reps.

Additionally, they can choose to share their own data with each other by using the share data with peers’ option in the CRM. That way Susan and Olivia can access each other’s data. 

Bob David and George can only see their own data and each other’s data if they choose too. So, here based on a user’s role in  the hierarchy each user has access to the CRM data.

Roles in Zoho CRM
Reporting Hierarchy in Zoho CRM

But what if your organization requires users to access data based on their reporting structure. Let’s say Bob and David report to Susan and George reports to Olivia. In this case, the company does not want Susan to access George’s data. Similarly, Olivia should not access Bob or David’s data. Susan and Olivia cannot share their data with each other here.

What to create Roles in Zoho CRM?

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