Using Zoho CRM with Google Apps


For business owners looking to integrate their CRM solution with cloud application providers, Zoho CRM has the perfect architecture to seamlessly link with providers such as Google.

In addition to the cutting edge CRM solutions provided by Zoho CRM itself, business users can benefit greatly from linking up with the powerful applications provided by Google.

From sharing and storing files in Google Drive, to adding contacts in Gmail. And exporting events to Google Calendar, business users can perform complex Google operations using the APIs provided in Zoho CRM.

Google App Integration Features Available in Zoho CRM

  • The contact import features in Zoho CRM lets the user import Google email contact lists into Zoho CRM
  • Users can attach a file stored in Google Drive in Zoho CRM communications, through the file attachment integration feature
  • Users can share web forms that are created using a Zoho CRM module and publish them on relevant Google sites
  • Users can synchronize emails between Zoho CRM and Gmail, meaning all emails are handled in one place and are easy to track within Zoho CRM
  • The events module in Zoho CRM can easily integrate with Google Calendar, making it easier for recipients to keep track of important upcoming events
  • Users can view CRM gadgets on Google sites like Gmail and iGoogle, keeping up to date at all time

Benefits of Integration

Business users need not worry about learning any new technology to use Google features through Zoho CRM. The integration has been simplified and users can quickly integrate with Google apps by following the instructions provided in the relevant Zoho CRM modules.

Integrating the use of Zoho CRM and Google apps has multiple benefits. Instead of attempting to keep a number of sets of data in sync manually (a recipe for disaster). Your whole system will be underpinned by one set of data. Update this data in one location, and it will automatically update in them all.

Scalability and redundancy get a boost from the integration of Zoho CRM and Google apps – allowing the administrator to leverage the power of Google’s virtually infinite resources, at low cost.

Documents can be stored on Google Drive, and email can be stored on Google’s servers, but with the added power of a CRM to allow complex management of this data.

Finally, the use of Google applications for your workforce reduces training time and user error, as most are already competent at using Google’s online applications.

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