Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is an Online file management for teams and individuals.

Bring your team to a secure and collaborative workspace where everything is available to everyone in real time.

Create, collaborate, and get work done, securely.

Zoho Docs

Store everything online.

From documents to images, spreadsheets to presentations, and even your music, movies, and pictures, carry all your files with you wherever you go. With everything stored in a centralized location, now you can conveniently share your files with your friends and colleagues.

Virtual Drive

It doesn’t take much to move your work online —in fact, it’s free! Start with 5 GB of free storage. Stop carrying a flash drive around and store your data in the cloud.


Sync from your Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu Linux computers to the cloud and vice-versa without any trouble. Find your latest files on any computer, both on and offline.


Find the information right when you need it. Categorize files by project, file type, and author. Organize them under folders and sub-folders.

Zoho Docs + Zoho Office Suite

Write and edit documents online with our built-in Zoho Office editors. Save and share your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without fear of data snooping from third-party installations.


Create and share documents such as HR policies, meeting minutes, etc., using Zoho Writer. Publish your work directly as HTML or export to WordPress.


Analyse month end sales figures with Zoho Sheet. Use vibrant graphs, charts and pivot tables to get meaningful insights.


Build a quick product pitch with Zoho Show. Embed videos, images and tweets for interactive presentations. Broadcast and present to audience across the globe.

Your secure file cabinet

Get started with Zoho Docs right away and always be in control of it. Make distances immaterial by easily sharing and collaborating on files. With Zoho Docs, security is always at the heart of file management.

Setup and Admin controls

Simplify the process of setting up your file management software. As an administrator, you can customize your system to suit the organizational policies, and be in control of information of users and user permissions alike.

Collaborate to innovate

Make active collaboration happen in real time, all the time. Give your team the ability to effectively coordinate and accomplish tasks with Zoho Docs. Enhance productivity by including remote workers in everyday operations.

A safe storage solution

Move, store, or share your files with confidence. Your data is encrypted at many levels, from the moment it is created to the time it is shared to others. Zoho also complies with security standards such as SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001.

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