Zoho One Bundle

Zoho One Bundle an ecosystem of integrated applications

Over 45 apps. Manage your entire business with the Zoho One Bundle suite of apps, or give your teams the few modules they need: CRM, Marketing, HR , Billing, Analytics, Support- Zoho One has it all

Sales & Marketing

Applications that perfectly integrated into the Zoho platform.

To offer a 360° vision of the multi-channel customer journey at the heart of CRM with behavioural scoring.

Zoho One Bundle - Sales and Marketing

Email & Collaboration

Zoho applications to communicate within the team.

Including group messaging integrated into the platform, social network and corporate messaging.

Zoho One Bundle - Email Collaboration

Billing and Purchases

It can integrate into CRM for the management of quotes, purchases and invoices.

With tracking of expense reports by customer and multi-warehouse stock management.

Zoho One Bundle - Billing and Purchase

Reporting & B.I.

The applications that helps to build sophisticated reporting in addition to standard reports or consolidating data from several applications.

Zoho One Bundle - Reporting and B I

Human Resources

It has an applications to facilitate recruitment within the CRM.

In addition, it manage human resources flows with CV Sourcing, employees self-service & training platform.

Zoho One Bundle - Human Resource

Customer Support

The right tools and context necessary to make every customer successful that you can give to your service team.

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