Zoho SalesIQ chatbots are now multilingual

Zoho SalesIQ chatbots' now in 30 languages, including Arabic, Thai, Chinese, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Multilingual chatbot

We’ll delve into some visuals to see exactly how Zoho SalesIQ chatbots manage conversations across different languages.

Zobot (User-defined flow bot): An enhanced bot to handle more custom flows and automation.

Zoho Analytics Chatbot

Design your bot’s conversation flow once, and then, easily configure dialogues in different languages.

Imagine a welcome message followed by branching options – Zobot will respond based on the chosen option. This initial flow can be built in a default language and then deployed on your website or on any channel.

Add dialogues in different languages to cater to a global audience. Zobot can now converse in French, German, Spanish, or any other language you configure, all using the same core flow.

Answer Bot (AI-powered bot): A bot designed for FAQs to address common questions

Our Answer Bot uses the content you add to Resources (FAQs, articles, etc.) in the customer’s language to deliver relevant and accurate answers to their questions.

For example, if a customer asks a question in French, it will search for answers within your existing French content (articles and FAQs).

Start building your knowledge base with content in the languages you want our chatbot to support. Focus on frequently asked questions to ensure smooth customer interactions.

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